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Dead Enders And…A Tornado?

If you’ve read through my blog you may have seen posts on our annual Dead End Halloween party. Each year has it’s unique twist, which makes me sort of hold my breath when the next one rolls around. Well, this year did not disappoint!

It was anticipated to be a muggy and wet night, but rain was supposed to hold off until 7pm or so. The entire day was filled with messages of “will it or won’t it? Should we or should we not?”.

I was at school during the day installing a hand project that the entire school did for our disability awareness week (SOAR)…which I will be posting about because it was so incredible and EVERY school should do this! Listening to conversations of the panic that the weather was bringing to Halloween was almost amusing. Some thought Halloween should be postponed, some hoped it would be canceled altogether, and some were up for the new adventure that was announced…our area would be under a tornado watch during prime partying! Yikes.

Well, our neighbors are awesome and are always up for anything! We decided to go for it, to get our kids and ourselves dressed and ready to get that candy and tour the ‘hood’s haunted houses. Our crowd grows every year, and this year we recruited more families from other neighborhoods as well!

We gave ourselves just enough time for the adults to partake in their own treats, for the kids to run around like lunatics, and to get some fun pictures. The skies were turning eerie, so we all decided to make a run for it and head out to trick or treat. I think Logan could sense the weather, and she wanted no part in going around. Thankfully both sets of grandparents were there to hang with her and hand out candy. Oh, I am so grateful for them!

We had a good 45 minutes or so before the thunder started rolling, and the lightning was lighting up the sky in the distance. The air was strange, and the wind started to pick up. Our crowd dispersed in all sorts of directions. Kids were running home, lights were turning off, some were scared, others were still on their sugar high and wanted more (ahem, Wes!).

We made it home where Jack and his friends were, and was pleasantly surprised to see Logan’s teacher and her beau there 🙂 Her parents live in the neighborhood and they came by to give the kids a special treat. How many teachers do that?! Julie is the best!

So, we survived the night before the wind got crazy and the rain started pouring. Thankfully no tornadoes were spotted, and no witches were caught on their brooms. And…no eggs were thrown this year. I’d call that a success!

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  1. What a fun Halloween night that was!!! Brooke, your neighborhood has the most wonderful families and all the parents and kids are so very special!!! You’re all like one big happy family and it’s so heartwarming to see this beautiful neighborhood bond that you all have!!! xo

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