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Celebrating 7

7… where have the years gone?! Every birthday with any of my kids is always bittersweet. We are always so proud of how far they have come and are amazed at the little people they are turning out to be. But, my heart also hurts that time is creeping away. As that saying goes, the days are long but the years are short. Completely true.

Our annual birthday beach trip for Logan was another beauty! My parents came with us for the first three nights, which was amazing! They help us out so much, and we wanted them to just hang out and relax. These two were beach bums before we were around…my dad was a lifeguard at Jones Beach in NY, and my mom grew up on the water (her dad was also a lifeguard at Jones Beach!). So, of course we are water lovers…and so are our kids 🙂 Being inland has been an adjustment for all of us, so time at the water is priceless!

We arrived at the house on Logan’s actual birthday. I had these grand plans of releasing paper lanterns that night at the beach (her favorite movie is Tangled, and that is one of her favorite scenes), but she was too exhausted from traveling and unpacking and playing. We never released them…it was too windy the rest of the week. So, I have a stack of lanterns just waiting for the right time!

For the first few days Logan was loving the beach as usual. After my parents left she was kind of over it, which was a little hard. I think her tummy was hurting, but am not too sure. She’s always a mystery, and I feel like I’m always waiting for something like this to happen. That’s our life, and we are making the best of it. That meant David and I had to take shifts with the boys down at the beach. Neither of us minded this one bit. We each got to spend quality time with the boys. There was one day where Wes was over the beach too thanks to some sunscreen in his eyes, so we each got some amazing time with Jack.

One of the reasons we love staying at the same house is because of the dock. This year we had a visitor…an alligator…apparently an 8 footer. Super. No one dared to go in the water with that guy lurking around, which was a bummer. We always harvest mussels and oysters right at the water’s edge, but thanks to him we didn’t get to do that. He didn’t stop us from crabbing and fishing though. My dad was the only one to catch a fish…actually…his very first fish EVER! We lived on the water, but never fished! It was a proud moment for sure!

We left the beach with full and rested hearts, and came to the realization that we may need to find a house that is actually on the beach next year. It will be so much easier for us, especially with transporting Logan back and forth in the midst of a meltdown.

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Oh, remember that post I did about the beach wheelchair costing a small fortune? Well, we found someone to help us out with that just in time for the beach! Coming soon!