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Black Cloud of Sickness

Not many people heard from or saw us for the entire month of November.  The entire month!  Our house was plagued with the black cloud of what seemed like the never ending funk.  I’m still not emotionally over it.

It all started with sweet Logan.  She caught something from somewhere (probably school) and was just a feverish, no appetite delight.  I’m not being sarcastic here.  She was the easiest patient out of everyone for the entire month!  I quarantined her and did my best (which obviously did not work!) to keep everyone and everything germ free.  Well, then next day or so Wes came down with it.  Then, as Logie was getting better and getting ready to jump back into daily life, Jack gets it.  Great.

One day goes by…one day! Logan went to school, Wes was back to normal, and Jack bounced back surprisingly fast.  Then…Logan gets something else.  It again trickles to everyone…and this time it is worse.  It is the dreaded Hand Foot Mouth disease.  I never heard of this before moving to the south, and am so thankful we never got it growing up.  It was AWFUL!  Not so much for them, but for me!  They just had fevers, no appetites, and developed these rashes on their hands (not painful or bothersome at all!).  But for me…ugh.  I washed and sterilized every. single. toy we own.  Every Lego, every doll accessory, every stuffed animal, every large battery operated toy…you name it, it got sterilized.  I even washed all the bedding, curtains and I borrowed my mother in law’s steamer to steam the couches and rugs.  Every surface in this house was germ free.  I ditched my non-toxic cleaning ways for just a few days and felt like I had bleach running through my veins and Lysol coming out of my lungs.

This was round 1. I lost count at 12!

The most heartbreaking part about this was that we had to cancel Jack’s birthday party.  We were supposed to do laser tag, and he was SO excited for it.  He completely understood, and asked if his entire birthday would be canceled this year.  My heart broke at that question.  I hated the thought of him being so sad about being sick.  I tried to make it the best birthday yet for him, and we are trying to find a date to have a re-do party.  This kid is seriously the best kid I know, and will ever know.  He deserves something amazing, and I’m working on that.

David and I were walking zombies for that month.  And one of the worst parts of it was that we had no help.  My parents couldn’t help because they couldn’t risk carrying HFM over to my sister who was due any week with her second child, and David’s grandfather’s health has been very fragile, so we did not want to expose his parents to this.  It was us against this cloud.

I could go on and on about this dreadful experience, but there were some silver linings.  Logan did not have any therapies for an entire month!  I was feeling extremely guilty about this, then I realized something.  In that month she was moving more independently, taking more interest in doing things herself, and she was happy (despite being sick)!  She must have needed this break to process and organize all of these things she has been learning.  She needed her own time to figure it out her way.

I also introduced myself to the world of smudging.  I was SO desperate to rid this house of germs and all of the negative energy that was consuming all of us.  Now you know I must have been delirious if I’m talking about negative energy!  But, I will tell you this…after I smudged the entire house I felt like a huge weight was lifted, and the air felt cleaner.  Whaaat?!?!  I even did it again a month later!  Watch out friends…you may receive a smudge stick soon 😉

And, since I never left the house I was able to get all of my Christmas shopping done online…and did not pay full price for anything!  Take that black cloud!



2 thoughts on “Black Cloud of Sickness

  1. The photos of Logie are so very sweet! It is wonderful to see her kneeling and standing all on her own accord.
    P. S. Thanks for mentioning about the smudging !
    I use to do it all the time … forgot all about how wonderfully clear our Home feels afterwards.
    We have a ton of Sage lying around & it is about time to put it to good use. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Brooke and David , what a journey, bless your hearts. Your spirits are precious, am so excited to see little Logans progress, she is a little doll baby. And those boys little cuties. Thanks for sharing with us, looking so forward to future shadings!!!!?

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