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Thank You.

Let’s talk about fundraising. We all have been involved in this is some way or another. It all starts when we are little…raising funds for school, sports, hobbies, etc. It teaches us about helping others, and reminds us that when we all get together, anything is possible. But how does it feel when the funds are for you, or your family?

Asking for money, or any kind of help is daunting to me. There are SO many charities, organizations and funds to choose from. I bet you all know someone personally who needs the help, and I honestly don’t like coming in between that for some people. And, I often feel like all of my fundraising posts get annoying. Honestly, I get annoyed with all of it! But, it’s something that I need to do, something that I HAVE to do. For Logan.

When it is your child, you will do anything for them. Anything. When I see the daily struggles that she faces, and all of the things this syndrome robs her of, it helps me face this fundraising anxiety. I will never stop helping her, no matter what it takes. We will continue to donate to research, and we will continue to ask for help from our family and friends. And, in return, we will always support you and your causes.

Every year we fundraise for Pitt Hopkins, and always walk away with more than we hoped for. We have surrounded ourselves with the most amazing people, and we are incredibly grateful for each penny. We are grateful for the merchandise that was bought. We are especially grateful for the prayers.

I hope that one day we won’t have to fundraise for PTHS, that we will have the tools and treatments…or even a cure!

If you’d like to donate and help Logan and her sweet friends, you can choose below…

Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation

Dr. Ben Philpot’s Research Team at UNC

Pitt Hopkins Merchandise

Pitt Hopkins/Surfers Healing Merchandise

Here is what your donations are going towards. REAL things happening!!! I’m most excited about this GI trial. Logan experienced the worst GI issues at the beginning of the quarantine, and this treatment would be a game changer for her!