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Tar Heels Tackle PTHS!

This weekend Logan will be doing the coin toss at the UNC vs Notre Dame football game!  I cannot tell you how excited we are about this!  We have strong ties with UNC, so it is extra special for us.

UNC Children’s Hospital contacted us while we were at the beach for Logan’s 5th Birthday, and asked us if Logan would like to participate in the Kid’s Champion program.  What a present that was!!!  We chose the Notre Dame game for two reasons.  It is one of the most watched and sought after games in our area.  We knew there would be a ton of exposure, and the perfect platform for us to raise awareness.  Plus, my brother-in-law graduated from Notre Dame.  It was the perfect one to choose.

If it weren’t for UNC, David and I may have never met, and Logan would not be here.

Both of Logan’s grandfathers played football at UNC. David’s dad, Gayle Bomar played quarterback (’65-’69) and my dad, Don McCauley was running back (’67-’70). They developed a lasting friendship, which brought David and I together decades later.

David and his siblings all became successful Tar Heels. His oldest sister, Jenny, was a cheerleader and so was her husband, Jason, who is also Logan’s godfather. Darley was on the dance team, and both David and his brother JP played safety on the football team.  Jenny’s oldest daughter, Caroline is on the dance team, and ironically this will be her first game dancing!

My dad went on to play with the Baltimore Colts for 11 seasons, then headed back to Long Island, NY. Both of my sisters were Tar Heels as well.  I was the black sheep.

We of course are fundraising for this event!  All donations made in honor of Logan will be used to fund UNC-CH Scientist Dr. Ben Philpot’s research.  I seriously cannot tell you how excited I am about what Dr. Philpot is doing!!!