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Sharing Her Locks

Logan has my dream hair. It’s long, thick, shiny, and has those perfect undone curls that turn into those envious beach waves that take forever to perfect. Unfortunately, I have no hair skills. Such a huge disappointment for both of us!  I can do a ponytail and simple braids, but that is it! I’ve tried learning french braids, but they never come out nice. Whenever we see her cousins she comes away with the most beautiful braids. I will take credit for her perfect messy buns though 😉 (her signature style!).

Up until she was about 2 her hair only grew in the style of a mohawk. It was SO cute! My little punk. When we were searching for a diagnosis we took her to a geneticist (one of many). One of the first things he grimaced at was her hair. He made a really strange comment that did not seem relevant to our search, and it made me want to slap him. This was after he went on and on bragging about himself and his research. Ugh, I cannot tell you how many geneticists we saw who did exactly that, and were of no help to us. Anyway, we recently had an appointment at the hospital he works in, and I almost went to his wing to show him he was wrong about her hair (and other things!). I should have. Oh well, he probably wouldn’t remember it anyway.

Well, Logan’s hair grows like pretty weeds, and before I knew it her hair was down her back. We decided to let it grow a little longer so we could cut it and donate it. Logan had complete power in this decision! We talked about it for a long time. When it came time I asked her on her Tobii, and she said it would be “fun”.

So, we washed it, and I blew it straight to get it as long as possible to keep some of the length. We just needed enough to put into a ponytail. Then, we set up the beauty salon in the kitchen (the Bumbo is a great styling chair!), and chopped it off! As soon as I cut the last bit she started giggling and swinging her hair side to side. She was SO happy! I almost fell over, but the thought that her hair was going to someone who needed it took that cutting remorse right away.

So, my first thought was to send it to Locks of Love. I mean, that’s really the only organization I’ve heard of. I posted about it to social media, and boy am I glad I did! There are SO many more organizations to donate to! Ones that do not charge for their wigs! We settled on Children With Hair Loss. It is such an incredible one to give to. Every wig a child receives is FREE, and they are eligible to to receive a new hair replacement once a year until they are 21! Amazing.  Here is her certificate…

Logan now has this cute lob that can still be put into a messy bun.  We will definitely be growing it out again, and will continue to donate it every time.  So much has been given to and for Logan, and this is one way she can give back for now.  It would be a shame to waste her gorgeous hair!