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Logan’s Version Of Pitt Hopkins

Logan, at around 2 years old.

When we were first diagnosed with Pitt Hopkins, our doctor told us not to compare Logan to the statistics that we found on the internet.  He said that since this is such a rare syndrome the information available is outdated, and certain aspects may or may not apply to her.  This was both a sigh of relief and a shock.  How is it possible that, in these modern times, there can be such little information about something affecting hundreds of children and young adults?!  It is beyond frustrating.

So, Logan does not have some of the most common characteristics of this syndrome.  She does not hyperventilate, she does not have any known

seizures (we’ve had 2 clear EEG’s!), and she has a normal brain MRI.  Perhaps not having these made it hard for anyone to diagnose her?

She does have some of the facial characteristics: big, wide smile (who wouldn’t want that?!), deep set big eyes (this too?!), and her nose is a bit bridged (I thought this was our Italian heritage coming through).  She also has some of the GI issues, like chronic constipation (not fun!), but I think we have found the right tools to manage this.  Going on 2 months of clear pipes 🙂  She eats great, but has a hard time chewing, so I have to often grind up some of her solid foods.  I don’t know if anyone has been able to explain that part to us yet.  We’ve just been going on the theory of poor oral motor skills.

Many of these kiddos have mobility issues and poor motor planning.  Logan is physically strong enough and capable to move independently, but something is holding her back.  She never crawled, but has recently been trying to on her own.  When her little brother started to crawl, she really took notice and started trying.  He would crawl right by her, and she would grab him and tackle him.  It was one of my favorite things to watch!  The laughing from both of them was amazing!

From what I’ve gathered, the average age of walking is 4.  So, fingers crossed that in just about 6 months Logan will be taking off!  She has created this defense mechanism of keeping her legs locked to keep her balance.  This makes it super hard sometimes, and she sometimes looks like a toy soldier when she walks.  She can physically walk…she just won’t on her own.  I don’t know if she is scared because of poor depth perception (thank you, CVI), poor balance, or if she just doesn’t want to on her own.  She can even walk up the stairs while holding onto my hands.  We’ve tried walkers and gait trainers, but she is just not interested.  Our current PT says we should just make her do it, since she doesn’t want any help from equipment.  Just do it, right?!

One of Logan’s favorite things to do is jump in her Merry Muslces jumper.  When she is in it she looks like a professional cheerleader doing her toe touches (sorry, I do not know the correct terms as I never cheered or danced), and she can spin around just as well as a professional ice skater.  This kid is amazing in it, and does it all with a huge smile!  I’ll post a video when I get around to finding it on the cloud.  She is getting too big for it, so I’m in search of an alternative.  Perhaps one day I can have David build her her very own sensory gym.  All 3 kids would love it!

Finally, Logan’s biggest obstacle will be communication.  She is not talking, and most kids may never have a vocabulary like ours.  We started using the PODD system of alternative communication.  I’m still wrapping my brain around it, and am trying to not get frustrated by it, so more will come on that subject.  She does understand what we are saying to her, and it will be so great for her to finally be able to tell us her thoughts.  Can I fast forward to that somehow???

8 thoughts on “Logan’s Version Of Pitt Hopkins

  1. She is just the CUTEST thing!!! This is great- would love to stay up-to-date on all her developments and anything we can do to help too!

  2. Dear Brooke,

    Thank-you for sharing your story of love and perseverance. Logan is so fortunate to have such a giving and caring environment and family. I very much admire what you and David are doing daily. This walk you are on is difficult and I feel sure that you are blessed by many friends on your journey. May the Peace of the Lord always be with you.
    Will Hinton

  3. Brook,
    I can only imagine how difficult your (and Daves) days are filled with angst dealing with Logan’s special needs. I am such a firm believer that love can concur all. In that respect Logan is beyond blessed.
    Our thoughts are with you and your beautiful family. Xoxo. Love Judi

    1. Heaven sent us an Angel of the most heartwarming degree!!! Her sweet little name is Logie Bomar and she is the number one star of our entire family!!! Thank You God!!!!

  4. Precious Brooke, thank you for letting us in on your journey! We are all so blessed by your family’s positive , never give up attitude, and the loving way you share Logan’s story. We are praying and cheering for you! Love you so much!

  5. Don’t know what we’d do without our precious Logan .
    Just by drawing breath that little bit of a girl has decorated our lives so much. How she relates to each person in our family is so unique and each of us goes away with our buckets full after being with her. Logan can’t talk ( although I swear she said Mimi one time!)
    but she speaks volumes with her eyes her smile and her laughter. God was showing off when he made her!❤️

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