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Logan is in Training For…

Every year we fundraise for the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation’s largest and most successful event of the year…UPenn’s Million Dollar Bike Ride.  UPenn will match ALL donations up to $50,000, which is HUGE for our families!!!  Every year our amazing friends and family help us reach our personal goal, and we are especially excited this year.  We are proud to announce that Logan will be training to actually participate in next year’s ride!

Thanks to this super fun rare disease, it is nearly impossible for Logan to ride a bike by herself.  Her brain cannot make all of the connections that come easy to us when we ride a bike.  It takes a ton of work to teach her this.  Well, our dear friend, Rob has come to our rescue for this, and we could not be more excited!

Rob and his company, ATI Physical Therapy, along with Klimb4Kids chose Logan to be their ambassador for NC!  They generously gifted Logan an adapted bike.  Wow!!!  To say she loves it is a true understatement, and it has already changed our family fun.  Read more about it HERE.

As much as I love this opportunity for our PTHS family, I dread the fundraising part.  I hate asking for help, and I especially feel uncomfortable about asking for people’s hard earned money.  We are fortunate to have generous people in our lives who understand that when it comes to your child, you will stop at nothing to give them the best possible life.  So, if you are reading this and have donated once, twice…any time…THANK YOU!!!  If you have not donated yet, we are still thankful for your support by reading our blog and keeping us in your prayers.

I would do anything to help Logan have a normal life, as I know you all would do for your family.  That being said, we are here to help and support any cause that comes our way, and we are always paying it forward 🙂

So…are you ready to donate to Logan’s MDBR page?! 😉