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A Night With Matilda Jane

6PartyThis week I hosted two Matilda Jane trunk shows!  One in my town, and a virtual Facebook party.  Not only was I excited to hang out with my friends while shopping and sipping wine, but 20% of the sales went directly to the Million Dollar Bike Ride to benefit Pitt Hopkins Research! That amount will be doubled by UPenn!!  Woo hoo!  I haven’t gotten the final amount yet, as orders are STILL being placed!

I cannot express how THANKFUL I am for all of you who attended.  I was supported by family, my fabulous

“dead end” girls, and friends from all walks of my life here in NC.  It truly meant more than you know, and was much more than a donation in my eyes.  Believe me, I will pay your kindness, support and generosity forward!
7PartyMatilda Jane has some seriously cute and whimsical digs!  I seriously could have walked out with the entire selection for girls…and women!  The fabric is also super comfy, and has no tags!  Great for picky kids!  I wish we had designs like this when I was little.  Sure would have beat my Wonder Woman underoos and cowboy boots that I insisted on wearing.  Sorry, Mom.  Seeing these clothes made me want to get back into designing, but for kids this time.  Who knows, maybe I will start a Logie Pogie line!

Growing up my mom made every event or celebration over the top…in a good, not spoiled way. She has this incredible entertaining style that I have always admired, and I have yet to see anyone top her.  We always said she was the original Martha Stewart…but better!  She really helped me with the fine details of this party. And, I will also add that I have an incredibly talented mother-in-law that I could have not done this without either.   They both have different styles, and when they merge it is awesome!

I am a scramble at the last minute kind of person.  If I plan too much it all gets jumbled in my mind, and I get overwhelmed.  I do best when I just have to do it.  So, the morning of I went “shopping” at my parent’s house.  With Logie & a cranky, teething Wes in tow.  I quickly gathered some serving treasures, some wine glasses from the attic (you tend to collect them when you have 3 girls…with 3 weddings and 3 showers in a short amount of time!), and the tablecloths.  Luckily my mom had everything out and ready to set up to see how it looked.  One day I will stock up on things like this, I promise, Mom!

A quick trip to the store for some last minute items I forgot from the night before, and we were back in time for naps.  I don’t think I stopped working until it was time to pick up Jack from school.  Logan helped me with most of the prepping, and loved every minute of it!  I found that she is a huge fan of mozzarella.  Real mozzarella.


I kept the menu simple…lots of wine, cheese, some apps and some sweets. I’ve learned to always prepare for more than expected.  A little extra never hurt…and always tastes best the next day when you are too pooped to cook!




The night couldn’t have gone better.  Jessica, the Matilda Jane rep, did an outstanding job!  She’s not like your typical trunk show rep…she was not pushy, she truly knew her stuff, and she was fun!  Plus, she looked fantastic in the MJ clothes she was wearing.  I may just order her outfit 🙂

I would love to turn this into an annual event!  My heart is full today, and this journey just got a little bit brighter.  And prettier.


If you are in the NC area and are interested in hosting a show, contact Jessica at [email protected].