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A Night of Art for Pitt Hopkins

This year was the year of the art show! David and I are still in awe over the New York show, and now we are completely blown away by the hearts and talents of everyone in our lives. This last fundraiser of the year was absolutely spectacular.

Our niece, Lindsay chose to organize an art show with all proceeds going to Pitt Hopkins research as her senior project. Lindsay is extremely talented, and excels in everything she does, all with modesty and grace. Years ago, she drew me a picture of an eye with the NYC skyline in it. It was perfection, and I knew she had a future in art. Well, I was right!

Lindsay organized the entire event, which is not an easy thing to do, especially for a high school senior who has several extracurricular activities. She solicited artists, booked the venue…everything that goes into a successful event was done by her. We just had to spread the word!

It was held at Furnitureland South, which is owned by her father (who also happens to be Logan’s godfather) and uncle. As soon as you walk in you were greeted by a huge screen of a video about Logan that her older sister, Caroline made for one of her projects at UNC. Yes, that same Caroline who held the Pitt Hoppin’ Dance-a-thon for her senior project. These girls are amazing. Their family is amazing. Jenny and Jason…can you share your parenting secrets please!

Beauty Through her Eyes from Caroline Harris on Vimeo.

There must be something in the water in High Point, NC. These high school kids ooze talent. Lindsay, Caroline and their peers submitted pieces that are worthy of NYC galleries. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them make it up there. Ahem…Brian, are you reading this?! Just take a look…

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The night was a success, bringing in over $7000!!! That is so incredible for our researchers. And, we came home with some awesome pieces for Logan’s room! Logan did not come to the event thanks to some tummy troubles courtesy of Pitt Hopkins. Jack wanted to use his own money to buy her a piece that he knew she’d love, and she did. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful night. Thank you, Lindsay!