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3 Kids and A Pony

LoganHTLogan has been doing hippotherapy for the past month.  It has been one of our favorite activities!  Logan adores Daisy the pony, and I love seeing her go around the arena.  She looks like such a big girl!  This is the only therapy where I can sit back and watch, so it is a nice break for me.  Unless I have Wild Man Wes with me…then it is 30 minutes of chase the baby and hope he doesn’t eat sand!
IMG_7562This week Jack is on spring break, and he has been begging me to take him along.  Logan was thrilled to have both of her brothers watch her in action!  Jack was introduced to Daisy,

who right away let out a neigh.  Giggles all around!  Logan got suited up with her helmet and weighted belt (which helps with stabilizing and body awareness) and was off.  Jack watched her ride off and said, “she sure is a great sister, and she sure is cute!”.  I just about melted into the sand.  This boy is truly one of a kind with a heart of gold.


The session is only 30 minutes long, but a lot gets done in this short amount of time.  There is usually some sort of game that is set up around the arena.  In the past they have scattered stuffed farm animals around.  Logan has to ride over to each of them and carry them back to their barn and put the inside.  This works on fine motor skills.  Today they hid Easter eggs around and she had to bring them to their basket.  Every time they want Daisy to move Logan has to push a button that says, “Go, Daisy, Go”.  This works on her speech therapy.  And of course, just riding the horse works her physical therapy.  As they ride from station to station they sings songs like “Old MacDonald” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, which work on cognitive skills.  These women make it so much fun!!!  Then, when the session is over Logan stands on a platform to brush Daisy, then helps to feed her a treat.  It is so cute!

This was by far Logan’s best session, and I think it had to do with Jack and Wes being there.  Every time she circled around to us she was smiling, looking to see if we were watching.  We waved to her every time (well, Jack and I did!).  It was a great morning, and now Jack wants to come with us every time.  Maybe I’ll let him play hookie sometime 🙂

Oh, and Wild Man Wes did a few face plants into the sand, trying to copy Jack throwing a ball up in the air.  He had sand everywhere, but did not cry once.  He just needed a major tubby when we got home.


8 thoughts on “3 Kids and A Pony

  1. Awesome! It sounds like a great time for all. So glad everything is going so well and who doesn’t love ponies?

    1. I have some that I have to edit. I’ve had Wes with me each time I’ve taken video, so there is a lot of noise and shaky camera work that needs to come out 🙂

  2. Logan, you look so fancy up there sweet girl!! So proud of all of your hard work! Hippotherapy – what a brilliant model to combine cognitive, speech and motor work. It seems like such perfect timing for Logan and for your family to be embarking on this new therapy. Thank you so much for sharing your stories and Logan, Jack and Wesley’s journeys. Keep moving strong Bomars. You guys are awesome!

  3. Logan, precious and beautiful you are?You go sweetheart, God has an awesome plan. Psalm 139: 13-16. We celebrate you!!!!

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