When one of our therapists first suggested hippotherapy, I thought she had a case of pregnancy brain.  What in the world was she talking about?!  Surely it would not involve a hippo (but it would be awesome since hippos are Logan’s favorite animal!).  It is in fact therapy done on a horse.  My inner child is screaming with excitement, and is a bit jealous of Logan’s new “luxury”!

IMG_6861Hippotherapy utilizes the movement of the horse during PT, OT and even speech therapy.  The horse’s walk is repetitive and rhythmic, which sends important sensory info to the brain and nervous system.  Pretty cool, huh.  We are hoping that this will help with Logan’s balance and gait (the way she walks).

We just started at the NC Therapeutic Riding Center, and have so far loved every minute of it!  Logan rides Daisy, the sweetest and cutest pony around.  Logan adores her!  The women in this picture are truly amazing.  They are so knowledgable about the therapies, so patient, so kind, and you instantly get a sense of peace when you step into the arena.  Logan loves them!  They are even great with Wild Man Wes when I have to tote him along.  I’ll be posting about her sessions to the blog 🙂