Therapy Tools

Most of these help ALL kids (and perhaps some adults too).  If you can’t get your “typical” kid to sit still, calm down or stop biting their pencils, try some of these.  All 3 of my kids benefit from just about every one of these.







Intelex Cozy Therapeutic Wrap

This is very helpful for tummy aches or gas pains, or just to get things “moving along”.  It is filled with grains and dried lavender, which create a very calming effect when heated up.  Just place in the microwave, then put on the tummy or lower back.  It also acts as a mini weighted blanket, depending on the size of your wee one.

EazyHold Universal Cuff

Logan sometimes needs help holding onto things like utensils and crayons.  It’s so baffling because she has the strongest grip in the world when she wants!  These have been fantastic!  They come in 5 different sizes, making it easy to use many objects.  It simply wraps around the hand keeping the object in place in the hand.  This has been fantastic for feeding, and for making me beautiful works or art 🙂

Peanut Therapy Ball

We’ve really worked on Logan’s balance and core with this! It’s like sitting on a mini horse.  It can be used in so many other ways though, targeting so many muscles.  Also great for stretching.  I use it too for my home gym.

Step Stool

This is one multifunctional tool!  Other than using it for obvious reasons, we use it to practice going from sitting to standing, stepping up and over, and we use it for OT purposes thanks to the tiny holes on the sides.  Flip it over and it’s a great container to practice putting in and taking out toys.


If your kid has any kind of oral fixation, get these.  The firmness is different on each one.  We use it for oral motor skills to help with chewing.  We put it on one of those pacifier tethers for easy access, especially when in the car.  It also helps with focusing on tasks.

Abilitations Inflatable Pea Pod

Great calming station!  It hugs your body, giving great proprioceptor input.  2 kids can fit in it comfortably.  We do lots of “Rowin the Boat” in this.  The handles make it easy to swing it around too.  That’s David’s job 🙂

Natural Himalayan Hand Carved Salt Lamp

I can’t tell you how much I love this!  We have one in the kitchen, and each kid has one in their room.  I originally got it to help with Wes’s eczema and allergies, and the more I read about it the more it made sense.  Some of the benefits are a more restful sleep, it purifies the air, reduces airborne infections, lifts your mood, and so much more!  I like this one because it’s from Pakistan, and it is real.

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