FullSizeRender_1Ah, this face!  This sweet, smart, lovable and silly girl is Logan.  She has a smile that truly will brighten your day, and has the most contagious laugh that is pure and genuine.  She might just be the hardest working 3 year old you will come across.  She is, in fact, the best person I know.  I feel truly blessed, and humbled to be her mother.  I love this girl more than anyone could ever imagine.

In November of 2015, Logan was diagnosed with Pitt Hopkins Syndrome.  For years she has been our little mystery girl…no one could figure out the cause of her developmental delays.

I created this site to share our journey, to raise awareness for this rare syndrome, and to prove that a diagnosis does not change or define this extraordinary little girl.  I want to let you all in to our lives, to show you what it is like to live “out of the ordinary”.  Yes, there are challenges to overcome, but quite frankly, I think our lives are pretty awesome!  I hope you do too.